Remodeling FAQ

We understand that as you begin to plan your addition, home renovation or kitchen project that you will have questions. We also know that remodeling can be a difficult process.  We are here to help ease the load and provide you with simple answers to your complex questions.  Please give us a call to get an answer to your question directly from our expert staff.

How do I turn my ideas into a design?

Taking those big ideas and making a functional and cost-effective design can be very challenging, we recommend you start at the very beginning.  Write down how your home does not meet your current needs.  Don’t concern yourself with the physical design, just write down the problems you are trying to solve.  Things like; “Our kitchen is too small”, “There’s no place for my family to gather informally”, or “I wish every fixture and surface in my bathroom wasn’t pink”.  Our professional design staff can work with you on solving these problems to ensure your satisfaction with the project.  Our design will take into consideration your needs and specific budget so you will get a practical solution.

Is ADR Builders licensed and insured?

ADR Builders is a fully insured and licensed general contractor (MHIC #8097) and are longstanding members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

What is the difference between ADR and other remodeling companies?

ADR offers a very organized and proven system combining superior construction, quality employees & subcontractors, professional management, design solutions, and a long-term commitment to clients.

What should we expect at the first meeting?

The first meeting is a free consultation typically lasting 1 to 2 hours.  There are three primary issues to discuss; what you are trying to achieve, what is your timetable, and with what budget.  This will usually involve a walk-through and review of the areas of the home to be remodeled plus a series of questions to try to better understand your ideas and goals for the project.  You will probably also have a lot of questions for us about ADR, our approach, and current schedule.  We will also review the next steps if moving forward.

Is the design work free?

The simple answer is no.  However, preliminary concept floor plans are typically provided at no cost.  On smaller projects the time for the design work is included in the construction contract and is typically a very small cost.  For larger projects involving a much longer and more detailed design process, we have a separate contract for design and construction.  Some clients working with bank financing do roll the design costs into the total loan for the project.

How long should my project take?

Again, this depends on the size and scope of your project, and what is found during demolition. Unforeseen problems that require additional work can crop up once walls are taken down. Ask your remodeling contractor for the most reasonable timeframe and stay in touch with him or her as the project progresses, so you can plan for a finish date.

How do I select a remodeling contractor?

The best advice we can give is to find a contractor who can do more than build.  Horror stories abound about contractors who are “good craftsmen” but “horrible managers”.  Even the smallest remodeling project is complex and involves many people – government inspectors, tradesmen, craftsmen, vendors of all types.  Not to mention a bewildering array of materials, colors, and textures.  Putting all this together in a timely manner takes skill and management experience.  Our design-build philosophy is an ideal way to move through this process quickly, within budget, and with quality throughout.

How would you describe ADR in one sentence?

ADR is a small volume, residential, design-build remodeler specializing in complex, highly detailed projects that require an upper level of quality products and services.

Why do I need design and design documents?

Design & design documents are the main resource for communication between the client and the design/builder.  Good design adds value to the home and can be tailored to the client’s taste and lifestyle.  The design documents communicate the design decisions and goals to the carpenters and other trades who will complete the construction.  Various local authorities that issue permits and inspections often require design documentation as well.

What is the next step after the first meeting?

This will vary with the type and scale of the project.  Smaller projects (window or door replacement or repairs for example) may be just of matter of getting back to you with pricing.  Mid-size projects (small baths, kitchens, or basements) may involve a preliminary sketch and presentation of a scope of work with a possible range of construction cost.  For larger projects (additions, larger kitchen or baths involving changes to the existing floor plans, whole house remodels) the next step is typically a contract for design and project development.

How much should my remodeling project cost?

This really depends on the size and scope of your project. The materials chosen, the size of the room, and age of the infrastructure can all impact the project cost. Remember, when you are comparing bids, you should be comparing the exact same scope from each contractor.  If a price comes in that looks too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure when you are comparing estimates you also take into account the quality of workmanship, personalized support, and management assistance you will be getting from each company.