Our Team

Our management team monitors every aspect of your project to assure a successful project, completed within budget and on time. Jane, Gary and Bret will work with you before the project begins and during its progress to streamline the many decisions and choices that are involved in remodeling your home.

JANE HILL STOKES, President of ADR Builders, Ltd., is in charge of design and marketing for ADR Builders, Ltd. She is a graduate of Towson University with a degree in Fine Art and also holds a masters degree in Landscape Architecture from Morgan State University. She has worked at ADR since 1995 designing additions, kitchens and other interior renovations. Jane works with clients on product selection and coordinates ordering and delivery of kitchen and bath products.

GARY STOKES, Founder and consultant for ADR Builders, Ltd., is a general contractor with extensive experience in the programming, planning, design and construction of residential remodeling.  Gary is a 1970 graduate of Johns Hopkins University and owner of ADR Builders, Ltd. since its start in 1977.   He personally monitors all the ADR projects, visiting each job twice weekly to supervise quality and customer satisfaction. Gary and Jane have been married since 1981 and live in the Tuscany/Canterbury neighborhood of Baltimore City.

BRET STOKES, Vice President, has been with us full time since 2009. Bret fills a number of roles at ADR.  He handles sales, estimating, design, product selection, project management, marketing, bookkeeping, accounting and anything else that needs to get done.  Bret works with our clients hand in hand from the initial meeting through to the completed project.  He graduated in 2008 from Maryland Institute College of Art, is married and lives in Baltimore City.

ADR uses a lead carpenter system. Our employees are skilled carpenters who also function as job site managers. One carpenter is assigned the role of  “lead” on each of our projects. As such they coordinate with subcontractors, making sure they are on the job when necessary. They also are the main point of contact for the client, able to answer questions and coordinate decisions as they occur. They supervise all work as well as actually doing the work on the projects.

CHRIS GRISWOLD has worked for ADR since 2001. Chris often does bathroom and kitchen projects for ADR where he can use his carpentry and tile setting skills. He is also expert in framing, window installation, exterior trim and metal work. Chris is married with two daughters, he lives in Glen Arm.

ANDY FATKIN was hired in 2012, he was previously employed by Wheatley Associates. Andy works as a lead carpenter for us on many renovation projects.  His strength lies in his communication with clients, working to ensure they get the best project possible. Andy lives in Perry Hall, he is married and has two young boys.

DAVID FRIEDMAN was hired in 2016 as a lead carpenter. He previously had his own renovation business and now runs a variety of projects for us.  Dave is married with two children.

DAVID VASQUES was hired in 2016 as a carpenter. He often works with Dave Friedman as well as completing small projects on his own.  David has two children and is living in Perry Hall.

ANDRES BARAHONA was hired in 2013 as a carpenter.  He works with Andy most often.  Andres assists him on large jobs while refining his rough and finish carpentry skills.  He is married to Alyssa Stokes, Jane and Gary’s daughter.

TREY DE LA CRUZ was hired in 2013 as a carpenters’ helper. He is often paired with Chris as they tackle our latest renovation projects.  Trey’s enthusiasm for learning the trade as a part of ADR is a great asset.