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KitchensIn many homes a small, outdated kitchen will cramp the style of avid cooks. Along with more space, most clients want to merge state-of-the-art appliances with a fresh updated floor plan. We understand the different functions that a kitchen now has in most homes: entertaining, daily cooking, family gatherings and acting as the central hub for the home. For those reasons, ADR strives to create a kitchen that meets not only the needs of the cook but those of the entire family.
BathsBathroom renovations are one of the most popular projects undertaken by homeowners. There are many reasons to remodel a bathroom, from a need for more space and updated fixtures to adapting your bathroom to a changing lifestyle; or maybe its just time for that pink tub, sink, toilet combo to go. Whatever the reason, ADR considers your needs first as they design and build a room that suits the entire family.
AdditionsAn addition does far more than provide added space to your home. An addition can change the traffic flow in your house and how your family uses the home to accommodate your changing lifestyle. As families grow and contract, their need for space changes. Our design staff carefully listens to your ideas and then provides a comprehensive plan that responds to your design needs within the your budgetary and physical boundaries.
RenovationsAs your tastes or needs change, remodeling can add new life to your home. Well-designed renovations can accomplish many of the same goals as an addition. By reconfiguring existing spaces your old home can look new. This may involve removing or adding walls to change room sizes and configurations, finishing unused areas of the home, adding closets or replacing worn finishes. A fireplace, new insulated windows, a porch or simply upgraded mechanical systems can all help to transform an existing area into rejuvenated living space.
Small ProjectsAt ADR Builders, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and craftsmanship no matter what the size of the job. From decks to windows and doors to basements, small projects are as important to us as larger, more complex jobs. Smaller renovations are a great way to update your home and lifestyle, while still keeping within a budget.